My Job Hub


At My Job Hub we offer a wide range of options for Advertisers to get their message out in whichever way best suits their brand.

Our Network

Our Network consists of around 40 core sites with an additional 60+ partner sites. Advertisers have the flexibility to choose which sites their product or service would most effectively be advertised on.

 Our Account Managers are able to tailor a bespoke advertising package to suit the needs of the Advertiser and ensure that the reach of the advert targets the most suitable demographic. 

Featured Homepage Ad

Featured Home Page Adverts can be placed on the front page of any of our core sites. Located within the most visible site-line without being obtrusive, the placement of advertising within this area has the capacity to increase product awareness and draw traffic to the advertiser. 

Homepage Slider Ad

Front-page "Sliders" allow us to rotate information and use a larger area to advertise. We utilise this area to communicate our own brand information and intersperse this with advertising campaigns.

Slightly different to the traditional Banner Advert, the cutaway, scrolling design of these banners provides a clean and modern ad canvas.

In-Vacancy Ad

In-Vacancy Advertising makes it easier to target a specific demographic of Candidate and site visitor. Our Skyscraper banner offers unobtrusive yet effective ad placement aside a page location that typically attracts the longest viewing time per page visit

Bespoke Advertising Space

Aside from the standard Advertising Space, above, each of our domains have the flexibility to provide additional Ad locations. We are always interested to work with advertisers who require a tailored package to suit their Campaign. 

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