Top 3 October 2014 UK Employment Law Changes

This October sees a some fairly major employment law changes taking effect and we reckon it’s pretty handy to be in the know about these sort of things, be it for nonchalant water cooler chat or for prompting a serious rethink of your HR strategy due to some major oversight on your part.

With that in mind we’ll give you a quick overview of the 3 most important changes to employment law taking effect this October.


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4 Top Tips for Online Job Applications

Applying for Online Job Postings (like the ones on My Job Hub)

Everything’s online now, you name it, it’s there, even my dog’s online, which reminds me I need to start charging him for all the bandwidth he’s using up.

my job hub dog job application

Anyway, online job applications are nothing new and are absolutely everywhere, and more-often-than-not they’re the only way to apply to most jobs. Which means you’ve got to know how to absolutely nail them in today’s job market. But, not everyone has had first-hand experience with online job applications, or even if they have, a lot of people won’t have been successful with them, so they aren’t much closer to being an online job application ace than they were before.

However, those days of job application despair, staring into the online abyss of job searches, are now over. My Job Hub’s gonna sort you out with our primo, first-rate, top tips, and there’s only 4 of them so hopefully they won’t be too hard to remember, give ‘em a read below.


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Young People: Fix Up, Look Sharp says Ofsted Chief

OFSTED shirt

OK, maybe Sir Michael Wilshaw didn’t quite say that, but words to that effect:

“Far too many young people are lackadaisical in the way they present themselves for work…If they dress inappropriately, speak inappropriately and have poor social skills, they are not going to get a job.”

Wilshaw’s concern is that our education system doesn’t do enough to teach young people about proper workplace behaviour and leaves them with negative attitudes towards work in general. This has left young people ‘sloppy’, both in how they dress and how they act. While Sir Wilshaw’s tone may echo the tired remarks of your secondary school deputy head, he’s talking from a wealth of experience which warrants taking his words on board.

The problem then is about presentation; how young people present themselves, both in how they look and how they act. Luckily, one part of this is pretty easy to fix: tidying up how you look, check out the handy infographic below to help you out a touch.


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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Perfect Resume or CV

Here’s a great short overview of all the key points you’re going to want to touch on to craft the perfect resume or CV.


Now that you’ve got all that under your belt, we need to get that job search started and put all that theory into practice. Head over to My Job Hub’s CV builder, which will layout all your info in a clean, simple, recruiter-friendly format, and knock-out a top notch CV.

After you’re done with that, simply click upload, then venture out into My Job Hub’s vast array of different job boards, get that job hunt started and be found.

Infographic provided by ZipRecruiter

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Video Recruiting: Lights, Camera, Recruitment?

Recent Findings Show the Benefit of Video Recruiting

vacancy plus video recruiting equals applicants

The recruitment game is always changing, with every aspect of recruiting becoming inundated with new technology, the most recent trend being video recruiting. Now, both recruiters and applicants alike need to keep up, lest their job-seeking or candidate-recruiting efforts be in vain.


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My Job Hub’s Blog Launch!

Hello and welcome to My Job Hub’s brand new blog (My Blog Hub maybe, but let’s not carried away). This blog will host a wide variety of recruitment and job-based news, musings, advice and the odd infographic.

The aim of My Job Hub is that all your job-finding or vacancy-filling needs are located in one handy place, or ‘Hub’, so you don’t have to faff about with all sorts of different platforms and websites here, there and everywhere. We hope that My Blog Hub (patent-pending) will be the same; a one-stop-shop for all you recruiters, job-seekers and HR fanatics out there.

So come on in, have a gander and let us know what you think!

Cheers for stopping by – the My Job Hub Team

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