CV Minimalism – Sometimes Less is More

cv minimalism

Why Do I Actually Need to Reduce My CV?

It’s fairly well known now that employers don’t take too much care pawing over every minute detail in your CV. In fact, they barely look at them at all. Research from shows that recruiters, on average, only spend 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s resume/CV before either accepting it or rejecting it and moving onto the next one. Now, this number isn’t entirely representative, as recruiters are likely to look over CVs a lot faster than actual employers and most in-house hiring managers, but it’s still a fairly telling bit of research. (more…)

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My Job Hub Ad, Live on Broadbean

All you Broadbeaners are in for a treat today. When you log in through Adcourier you might notice it looks a little bit more ‘My Job Hub-y’ than usual.

We’re offering each and every Broadbean member free unlimited vacancy posting on My Job Hub (except John, he knows why). So tell your friends, family and neighbours dog to sign in and check it out!

bbad screenshot

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7 Great Questions to Ask Your Interviewer [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know how an interview works; you enter a room faced by up to 4 people and are relentlessly interrogated for half an hour about your working life until you’re nothing but a husk of your former self. OK, maybe I’ve had some awfully harsh interviews but the general idea of interview is that you’re the one answering the questions, and your potential employer is doing all the asking.

But there’s always that special slot of allotted time at the end of every interview where the interviewer asks whether you, the interviewee, has any questions. Now you have to totally turn your ‘answering’ thought-process on its head and get in ‘asking’ mode. At this point, it’s difficult to come up with anything original or interesting because you’re totally exhausted from the rest of the interview and an original question is much hard to think of than an original answer.

Fear not however, keeping a few (if not all) of these 7 questions stored up in your noggin will go a long way to securing that dream job with a top notch interview.



Infographic courtesy of careerbliss

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My Job Hub Attends the 2014 Builder & Engineer Awards


Last night the My Job Hub Team made their way over to Manchester for the 2014 Builder & Engineer awards, sponsored by Bromak, Hewden, Landpac and Mabey Hire, for a night of merriment and fun.


Following a fantastic dinner, many interesting conversations, a few cheeky selfies and a bout of light comedy from the host Alistair McGowen, the award ceremony commenced.

So without further a do, the winners from the night:

  • Apprentice / New Starter of the Year: Liam Sargeant, Redrow Homes (NW)
  • Training Initiative of the Year: Forrest
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award: Kier North Tyneside
  • Health & Safety Award: Galliford Try PLC
  • Sustainable Project of the Year: Jellystone Park, Grove Hill, Middlesbrough – Erimus Housing (Thirteen Group), Groundwork, Middlesbrough College & NE Procurement Ltd
  • Engineer of the Year: Hannah Rathbone, Atkins
  • Contractor of the Year (sponsored by Bromak): Lovell
  • Sub Contractor of the Year: Caledonian Modular Ltd
  • Healthcare Project of the Year: Fiona Gardens, Wates & Trafford Housing Trust
  • Education Project of the Year: Farnborough School & Technology College, Nottingham – Caledonian Modular
  • Residential Project of the Year: Lyng Community Association

And that’s the lot! All in all an absolutely smashing evening, we loved meeting everyone and hope to see you all again soon.


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Standing Desks: You Might (not) Want to Take a Seat

Standing all day sounds like something most people would actively try and avoid. We take cushy office jobs to avoid the harsh physical labour of utilising our lower limbs all day for their designed purpose. That’s why the idea of a standing desk seems like such an affront to our sensibilities. It’s backwards thinking, it’s counter-intuitive, it just plain ol’ doesn’t make sense. Why would I stand at my desk when I’m doing this job so I get to sit all day? Well, it turns out standing desks aren’t bonkers, in fact, they make a whole lot of sense, because research shows that sitting as much as we do is the most morbidly terrifying thing ever and I’m never going to do it again.


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Live and Free on Broadbean!


My Job Hub is now officially part of the Broadbean family!

What this means is that all you fancy efficient lot who use Broadbean to post their jobs out to all sorts of different job boards at once, can now easily add My Job Hub to that list and just select us next time your sending your vacancies out across the net. Pretty nifty eh?

For those who until now only thought of Broadbean as a little green vegetable your mum makes you eat; Broadbean is a multi vacancy poster which helps you save time signing in and out and in and out of multiple posting accounts across different websites. It’s basically like a big, fancy ‘send all’ button for job adverts, rather than painfully slaving over posting a separate advert on every single job board you want to reach. We HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who uses multiple job boards, honestly, this will give you back weeks of your life.

So if you’ve got an account you’re in luck, because we’re extending an introductory offer to all Broadbean users for unlimited free job postings on My Job Hub. Which means you should pop over to Broadbean right now, sign in, search for ‘My Job Hub’ and then just select our name to add us to your posting roster.

Simple (and free!).

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