Is it That Time of Year Already?

MJH Xmas Snow Globe blog

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you’re having an absolutely cracking one, filled with presents, mince pies, too much turkey and uncle Terry’s inappropriate jokes while we’re all eating.

Here’s to a splendid New Year as well while we’re at it, by which point we’re hoping uncle Terry will have learnt his lesson and apologised to great aunt Margery for his comments at the dinner-table .

We’ll see you all in 2015, where a whole bunch of exciting stuff is going to be happening, so watch this space, it’s going to be a good’un.

 – Cheers, the My Job Hub Team

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How is Your Office Affecting Your Health? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may remember our little piece about how sitting all day is slowly killing every single one of us, well it turns out everything in the office is trying to murder us and we just don’t know it yet.

Here’s a breakdown of a few of the other things at work that you should look out for that might try to catch you unaware:  (more…)

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Gutsy 10-Year-Old Applies for Top Council Position


In Kemijärvi, a municipality and the most northerly town in Finland, with a population of 7,915 and only 2.24 people per square kilometre, applications for local council leaders have recently opened. Across Eastern Lapland, the largest province in Finland, local councils have been appointing new heads over the past few months. In Kemijärvi however, the first round of recruitment ended to no avail, and so the application period was extended.

The extended application period closed at the end of last month (November), and it was found that among the 19 candidates all vying for the job of leader of Kemijärvi municipality was 10-year-old Mili Kasurinen, and Mili isn’t messing about:

“I wrote that I hope they would take my application seriously and made it clear that this is not some sort of joke to be laughed at. I asked them to read my application through to the end”


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enhance your recruitment process with my job hub header

How to Enhance your Recruitment Process with My Job Hub [INFOGRAPHIC]

My Job Hub, Your Path to Finding and Being Found

Signing up with My Job Hub offers a whole host of different benefits and features that can kick your recruitment process into fifth gear. But rather than just put them all down in a boring bullet-point list, we thought we’d spice things up a bit with a My Job Hub recruitment infographic. This way you can print it out and keep it with you every second of the day to remind yourself of what a great decision you made by signing up with us! Or just share it with a few people online, it’s up to you really.


Supercharge your Recruitment: Find and be Found with My Job Hub - A Recruitment Infographic


Crikey, that sounds absolutely brilliant! I’ll take 4.

Actually, y’know what, make it 5.

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