My Job Hub is a Finalist for the 2015 Onrec Awards’ Best Newcomer

Raise the roof because we’ve been nominated for Onrec’s Best Newcomer Award!


Award season isn’t just for tinsel town, and thanks to the good people at Onrec us schmucks schlubbing it in the real world can get in on the glitz and glamour (and hopefully pick up a nice, shiny award in the process).

The event takes place on the 19th of March, so until then we’re going to be dry-cleaning our suits, polishing our shoes and maybe, if we have time, taking care of this whole job board thing we’ve got going, but the shoes and suits are obviously our priority.

Congratulations as well to all the other finalists, who you can see here, smashing job everyone!

So fingers crossed, let’s hope those bribes get through to the judges’ bank accounts in time (kidding) (but seriously)

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A Guide to a More Mindful Workplace [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mindfulness is easy for some to dismiss as airy fairy nonsense, but the fact that 40% of all workplace illness is stress-related and that there’s an indisputable body of evidence linking stress to heart disease, suggests it might be worth just giving it a try, it could well save your life.

With that in mind(fulness) here’s a simple guide to creating a mindful workplace, so take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!

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Weird Job Wednesday: Professional Queuer

wjw pro queuer facts

Facts of the Job

Job Title: Professional Queuer

Average Pay: £10-£20/hr in the UK

Qualification/Experience Needed: Literally none (though the University of Sussex sociology department currently offers a really good module in ‘The Theory and Practice Remaining Entirely Motionless for Extended Periods of Time’ which could set you in good stead)



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How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Happy New Year to all the My Job Hub blog readers out there, hope the holidays treated you all well!

We were thinking that there can’t be a better way to start the new year than by kicking your LinkedIn profile into 5th gear with a total makeover to maximise your chances at nabbing that dream job. That’s why we’re sharing this comprehensive LinkedIn infographic to help your profile be found by the right people.

Infographic courtesy of Armstrong Appointments


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