My Job Hub is Up and Running with LogicMelon!

logicmelon my job hub

My Job Hub is now officially all connected-up and ready to go with LogicMelon’s multi-posting goodness, helping all you clever LogicMelon users out there to find and be found.

So now, anyone who’s signed-up and posting with LogicMelon can just pop My Job Hub on their posting rota and bob’s your uncle you’re posting your vacancies onto My Job Hub as well! It’s almost TOO easy.

If you have no clue what we’re talking about and until now thought that LogicMelon was just a fruit that was good at solving maths problems, then this bit’s for you. LogicMelon is a job vacancy multi-poster. This means that once you’ve taken the time to carefully plan and devise the perfect job advert for your new vacancy, you don’t then have to spend even more time copying and pasting it between all the different job posting websites you’re using, because LogicMelon does that all for you.

So pop over to LogicMelon today, have a look, see if it takes your fancy, and start posting unlimited jobs to My Job Hub for free!