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How to Enhance your Recruitment Process with My Job Hub [INFOGRAPHIC]

My Job Hub, Your Path to Finding and Being Found

Signing up with My Job Hub offers a whole host of different benefits and features that can kick your recruitment process into fifth gear. But rather than just put them all down in a boring bullet-point list, we thought we’d spice things up a bit with a My Job Hub recruitment infographic. This way you can print it out and keep it with you every second of the day to remind yourself of what a great decision you made by signing up with us! Or just share it with a few people online, it’s up to you really.


Supercharge your Recruitment: Find and be Found with My Job Hub - A Recruitment Infographic


Crikey, that sounds absolutely brilliant! I’ll take 4.

Actually, y’know what, make it 5.

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The Problem with Generalist Job Boards

Generalist Job Boards Ain’t All That

Generalist job boards, you know the ones, all broad and non-specific, willing to take any old job posting no matter which industry or sector it’s from. Their usually brimming with job vacancies offering every sort of career you could ever imagine, giving budding candidates a huge scope to chose from, but this scope also means that one search could return anything from stock broker to sock maker. The size of generalist job boards, both in the number of applicants and the number of vacancies, may give them a great advantage, but it also serves to act as their biggest flaw, so here are 2 of the biggest problems you get with a generalist job board.


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