Recruitment & HR: Leaving the EU

We’re not about to descend into political discussion. Over here at My Job Hub we try to sit firmly on the fence of politics and basque in our neutral territory. One topic that we thought may be pertinent to raise, what with the looming Referendum this June, is the European Union and it’s impact on laws affecting UK HR and Recruitment.

One thing that we do know is that Britain hasn’t struggled to make laws, in fact, in many instances we have led the way with the quality of Acts and Legislation that have protected our workers and improved the workplace over the last century. Thanks to the harsh working conditions of the Industrial Revolution and the changes in gender balance following the Second World War, Britain was forced to implement drastic legislation affecting the workplace, improvements which continued into the dawn of our EU membership.


Since 1991, amongst the good decisions and the questionable, we can thank the EU for implementing the following gems that have changed our workplace (hopefully for the better)

• Minimum paid annual leave (now 28 days a year including bank holidays)

• Additional rights for agency and temporary workers and for part-time workers

• Current pregnancy and maternity leave rights

• Parental leave

• Working time (which includes a maximum of a 48-hour week unless you agree otherwise, and minimum rest breaks each day)

• Equal pay

• Anti-discrimination rules on race, sex, disability, age and sexual orientation

• Data protection rights

It doesn’t stop there. There are also employment laws derived from the EU regarding transfers of undertakings (when the business you work for is sold or taken over), collective redundancies, and works councils (giving employees the right to receive information about a business and be consulted about some of its activities).

The UK has traditionally been among the most active opponents of European employment rights, only grudgingly accepting many of the social aspects and only when it has had to. In many cases, such employment rights have been seen by the government to frustrate a flexible workforce and add red-tape to businesses.

In some cases the government has managed to block the introduction of European rights altogether through its vote on the Council of Ministers. But in other cases the European workplace agenda carries on. The government is, for example, presently being forced to adopt a EU directive for additional parental leave – its preferred option is to increase leave to up to 18 weeks a year, which is the minimum implementation of EU requirements.

In 2009 the European court of human rights ruled that workers who are sick during their holiday period can claim back their time, and this was adopted as part of UK law in 2012. And in a separate case the European court said you cannot be discriminated against for your political beliefs (this is not presently covered by existing UK employment law).

However, with Cameron welcoming last week’s European ruling that a policy which banned wearing religious symbols was an infringement of human rights, there are indications that not every employment ruling emanating from Europe is bad. And it is hard to see that the anti-discrimination laws now in force would ever significantly be watered down.

Yet the government does seem intent on eroding employment rights where they are viewed as being bad for business (even if businesses themselves don’t always agree).

Unfair dismissal rights have been watered down, and soon it is likely that workers will face fees for issuing a claim in an employment tribunal. There is also the proposed “employee-owner employment contract” where you give up your employment rights for a share in the business. Most parties were against this idea when consulted, but the government is going ahead nevertheless.

The difficulty with changing existing EU directives is that once adopted they are almost impossible to remove, as repeal requires the consent of the other EU member states. So an exit or renegotiation of terms will be the only way. If this really is on the cards, you may want to make the most of your holiday time and other extended rights courtesy of the EU while you still can. Perhaps a nice trip to Brussels?

Whichever way 2016 pans out for our membership to the EU, one thing is certain, our current recruitment and employment landscape has been indelibly marked by our







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Top 5 Celebrity Side-Jobs

People from all walks of life often take second jobs, mostly for an extra level of financial support, but more and more people are taking second jobs so they can pursue their hobbies and interests more actively than their primary job allows. Pursuing a second job, ‘just for fun’ isn’t something most people can afford to do, it’s a luxury reserved for the wealthy few, which is why celebrities, as you’d expect, are an absolute gold mine of interesting, strange and often rather successful, secondary jobs.


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Cracking First Day at the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo

Blimey, yesterday was an absolute corker. Thanks to all the stallholders and everyone we’ve been chatting to throughout the day for making it a good ‘un, we hope you all had as much fun as we did.

We saw all the usual: shoe shining, masseurs and a virtual reality racing set-up, so all-in-all, a pretty standard Recruitment Agency Expo.

We’d like to give a little shout out right now to all our partners that turned up today and the top notch stands they put out. We liked them so much we even put a little gallery together, showcasing their wonderful displays:


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The My Job Hub Team are at the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo

Howdy everyone, the My Job Hub team are here today at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London Olympia, making an appearance, meeting some people and generally just seeing what’s going on in the world of recruitment right now.

We’ve already had a pretty exciting day so far, meeting loads of great people and seeing all the awesome, wacky stalls that different recruitment businesses from up and down the country have put on.

If you’re down here as well, let us know and we can have a little catch-up. If you haven’t managed to make it down, then no worries, we’ve done all the hard work for you by coming here and taking a whole bunch of pictures of everything that’s going on, so you can get the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo experience from the comfort of your own home (or office cubicle, which probably isn’t as comfortable, but still pretty convenient).



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Gutsy 10-Year-Old Applies for Top Council Position


In Kemijärvi, a municipality and the most northerly town in Finland, with a population of 7,915 and only 2.24 people per square kilometre, applications for local council leaders have recently opened. Across Eastern Lapland, the largest province in Finland, local councils have been appointing new heads over the past few months. In Kemijärvi however, the first round of recruitment ended to no avail, and so the application period was extended.

The extended application period closed at the end of last month (November), and it was found that among the 19 candidates all vying for the job of leader of Kemijärvi municipality was 10-year-old Mili Kasurinen, and Mili isn’t messing about:

“I wrote that I hope they would take my application seriously and made it clear that this is not some sort of joke to be laughed at. I asked them to read my application through to the end”


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My Job Hub Attends the 2014 Builder & Engineer Awards


Last night the My Job Hub Team made their way over to Manchester for the 2014 Builder & Engineer awards, sponsored by Bromak, Hewden, Landpac and Mabey Hire, for a night of merriment and fun.


Following a fantastic dinner, many interesting conversations, a few cheeky selfies and a bout of light comedy from the host Alistair McGowen, the award ceremony commenced.

So without further a do, the winners from the night:

  • Apprentice / New Starter of the Year: Liam Sargeant, Redrow Homes (NW)
  • Training Initiative of the Year: Forrest
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award: Kier North Tyneside
  • Health & Safety Award: Galliford Try PLC
  • Sustainable Project of the Year: Jellystone Park, Grove Hill, Middlesbrough – Erimus Housing (Thirteen Group), Groundwork, Middlesbrough College & NE Procurement Ltd
  • Engineer of the Year: Hannah Rathbone, Atkins
  • Contractor of the Year (sponsored by Bromak): Lovell
  • Sub Contractor of the Year: Caledonian Modular Ltd
  • Healthcare Project of the Year: Fiona Gardens, Wates & Trafford Housing Trust
  • Education Project of the Year: Farnborough School & Technology College, Nottingham – Caledonian Modular
  • Residential Project of the Year: Lyng Community Association

And that’s the lot! All in all an absolutely smashing evening, we loved meeting everyone and hope to see you all again soon.


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Will you be exercising your right to request flexible working? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Time to Get Flexible?

Unbeknownst to 45% of SMBs (small to medium sized businesses), earlier this year the Government passed legislation which gives workers the right to request flexible working.

Despite only 43% of SMBs supporting legislation, the folks over at GoToMeeting believe this negative opinion of the new law to be mostly due to a misunderstanding of what it’s all about. With that in mind, they’ve put together this simple run-down of everything you need to know about the right to request flexible working, its benefits and how you go about doing it, have a gander below.


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Frozen Eggs, Naked Fridays and Other Weird Workplace Perks

New Workplace Perk: Free egg freezing for female staff at Apple and Facebook


Both Facebook and Apple have decided to up their workplace perk game and will now be offering to pay up to $20,000 (£13,000) for female employees to have their eggs frozen in an attempt to attract more women to their offices. Despite the potentially worrying ‘never stop working, a child will only slow you down’ underlying message in doing this, Facebook are keen to express that isn’t the angle they’re going for. They’ve drawn attention to the adoption and surrogacy assistance they also offer as well as “a host of other fertility services for male and female employees”, the company said. On top of this, any employee at Facebook with a newborn child receives $4,000 dollars in ‘baby cash’ to be spent on any baby fees, as well as four months paid leave for both mothers and fathers.

Even in light of all this, egg-freezing is still an unusual one, but after a bit of research, we found some companies really push the boat out when it comes to weird and wacky employee benefits, and here are our 9 favourites.


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Richard Says Relax – Branson Offers Unlimited Holidays


Richard Branson has recently made the decision to offer all of his Virgin personal staff flexible, untracked working hours and ‘unlimited’ holidays. This means that hours aren’t tracked in any way what-so-ever over at the Virgin camp, over the course of a year, no one would have an exact count of how many hours you’ve clocked in – not too shabby.


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Top 3 October 2014 UK Employment Law Changes

This October sees a some fairly major employment law changes taking effect and we reckon it’s pretty handy to be in the know about these sort of things, be it for nonchalant water cooler chat or for prompting a serious rethink of your HR strategy due to some major oversight on your part.

With that in mind we’ll give you a quick overview of the 3 most important changes to employment law taking effect this October.


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