The My Job Hub Team were at the Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition

On Saturday, My Job Hub headed down to Birmingham, to visit the Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition, whoop whoop! Working hard as ever (even on weekends) we had a bit of a nosey and were generally keeping up to date with everything and anything happening in the world of engineering & construction recruitment.

We had some some great conversations with a bunch of people in the industry, and all-in-all it was an absolutely brilliant day for the lot of us.

If you weren’t able to make it down, then just get real close to the screen whilst looking at the photos below and pretend like you were there! Easy, see?


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10 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid [INFOGRAPHIC]

Job hunting can be pretty tough going sometimes, and if you’re not prepared for it, it can get even worse. That’s why it’s important to approach the whole thing with a cool head and not let it all get to you too much. Now, that’s easier said than done, which is why we’ve found this infographic wit some of the typical job hunting mistakes people often make and why you should avoid them, enjoy!


Infographic courtesy of Armstrong Appointments


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My Job Hub Runs 10k for Teenage Cancer Trust

As we mentioned earlier, this year our charity focus will be The Teenage Cancer Trust. On September 27th our team will be taking part in the Great Yorkshire Run

We’re hoping to have a great day,  running alongside some of our recruitment partners and at the same time raising money for an incredible cause. We’d love you to be involved too but first let us tell you a little bit about this year’s charity focus and a word from our MD. (more…)

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The Onrec Awards 2015

Later today is the Onrec Online Recruitment Awards 2015, for which our humble little organisation has been nominated in the Best Newcomer category (not too shabby)!

Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, we won’t be able to attend the award ceremony, which we’re really gutted about to be honest with you.

We’re so gutted in fact, that, to cheer us up a little bit, we decided to see what it might perhaps look like if we were able to attend the event.

onrec awards stock1

onrec awards stock2



What a gorgeous group of individuals, don’t we just look smashing?!

Hopefully next year we can be there without the aid of Photoshop, but until then, fingers crossed that we emerge victorious tonight and we wish all the best to everyone attending. Good luck to you all!

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The Evolution of Women in Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s been great progress made towards gender equality in the workplace, but there’s still a long way to go. In celebration of how far we’ve come so far, here’s a lovely, informative infographic about the women who, over the past 100 years, have shaped the business world as we know it and continue to do so to day.RuVNG61

Thanks to Cornerstone OnDemand for the infographic

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Weird Job Wednesday: The Weird Job Photo Project

This Weird Job Wednesday we’re doing something a little different by taking a look at Nancy Rica Schiff’s photography project “Odd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations”.

Nancy basically went all over the US for over ten years taking photos of and talking to people with really weird jobs. As this is something clearly rather close to our hearts we decided that this Weird Job Wednesday we would pay tribute to Nancy’s amazing photographs by showing you a few of them right here. If you’ve been an avid Weird Job Wednesday follower you may even recognise a couple of peculiar professions from previous posts:


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Top 5 Celebrity Side-Jobs

People from all walks of life often take second jobs, mostly for an extra level of financial support, but more and more people are taking second jobs so they can pursue their hobbies and interests more actively than their primary job allows. Pursuing a second job, ‘just for fun’ isn’t something most people can afford to do, it’s a luxury reserved for the wealthy few, which is why celebrities, as you’d expect, are an absolute gold mine of interesting, strange and often rather successful, secondary jobs.


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Cracking First Day at the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo

Blimey, yesterday was an absolute corker. Thanks to all the stallholders and everyone we’ve been chatting to throughout the day for making it a good ‘un, we hope you all had as much fun as we did.

We saw all the usual: shoe shining, masseurs and a virtual reality racing set-up, so all-in-all, a pretty standard Recruitment Agency Expo.

We’d like to give a little shout out right now to all our partners that turned up today and the top notch stands they put out. We liked them so much we even put a little gallery together, showcasing their wonderful displays:


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The My Job Hub Team are at the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo

Howdy everyone, the My Job Hub team are here today at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London Olympia, making an appearance, meeting some people and generally just seeing what’s going on in the world of recruitment right now.

We’ve already had a pretty exciting day so far, meeting loads of great people and seeing all the awesome, wacky stalls that different recruitment businesses from up and down the country have put on.

If you’re down here as well, let us know and we can have a little catch-up. If you haven’t managed to make it down, then no worries, we’ve done all the hard work for you by coming here and taking a whole bunch of pictures of everything that’s going on, so you can get the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo experience from the comfort of your own home (or office cubicle, which probably isn’t as comfortable, but still pretty convenient).



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