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Interview Tips

Interviews are daunting, lets face it! For many of us, interviews aren't a regular occurrence but when they occur they are quite an intimidating prospect. Knowing that you have made it from CV to Application to Shortlisting, this is the final hurdle and can be make or break in your pursuit of your new job. 

The modern Recruitment process means that there are more forms of interview than ever, although some don't describe themselves as an "Interview" they all follow the same function of screening, qualifying and meeting. 

Classes that you may come across are:

  • End employer
  • Recruitment Agent
  • Site based
  • Field based
  • Practical 
  • Video
  • Online
  • Assessment Centre
  • Telephone
  • Presentation
  • First Interview
  • Second Interview

-And any combination of the above

Although the kind of interview may differ, the way you prepare, execute and manage the event is typically always going to be the same. 

One of the most important factors of an interview to remember is that it is an opportunity to find out more about your potential employer, not just for them to find out about you. As it happens, Candidates that ask more questions and are interested about the company which they are applying to join often come across as stronger than those who try to undertake a straightforward question/answer process. Without Interviewee interaction an interview is typically going to be shorter and as a result there will be less time to make a stronger impression on the Interviewer.