Products and Services

Job Hub

Our unique Job Hub is an Online Recruitment Platform that is linked to over 100 unique industry Job Boards that allows Recruiters to place an advert in one Hub and have their advert automatically distributed to the most relevant sites to showcase their Vacancies.

Using our Intelligent Vacancy Allocation Software, Recruiters are able to upload their Vacancy through one portal to a number of sites.

As well as being integrated through aggregator platforms such as Broadbean™ and Indeed™, vacancies placed through our Hub are distributed with the utmost simplicity.


Candidate Platform

Our Candidate Platform allows registered candidates to communicate directly with Recruiters through their own integrated messenger making confirming applications, receiving feedback and accepting jobs a seamless process handled without the necessity of an email or a telephone call if the Recruiter prefers.

Candidates are also able to confirm their present status and communicate their present status via the "Availability" option which informs the Recruiter if the are Active, Inactive or passively seeking employment meaning that they can opt out of job offers when unavailable for work, thus saving the Recruiter further time.



Neutravend™ is our built-in Neutral Vendor Platform. Unlike other products currently on the market that allow Recruitment Agencies to be notified of a Recruitment need via an stand-alone portal, Neutravend™ brings this entire package of services under one roof. Principal Recruiters who are unable to fill a vacancy are provided with the option of distributing that vacancy to Recruitment Businesses within their Industry or Region.

Recruitment Businesses can in-turn accept or decline these vacancies and throughout this process confirm their rates and terms.

For Recruiters, this additional product allows for an online "vacancy stream" which in turn can bolster their business development function.

For Principal Recruiters, Neutravend™ is a means by which vacancies can be distributed and tracked to only preferred Agencies within their PSL Supply Chain.


Our present software release (IVA14.1) is the latest in a series of upgrades throughout the life of our product which we have built upon the Symphony™ platform.

Our Software Engineers have produced a robust and streamlined product that now powers a multitude of Online Job Boards with an emphasis on dependability and security.

The nature of our product's design means that we are able to license it for others to use as a "white label" to power their embedded or stand alone products, whilst relying on our team for updates and development.

For further information on powering your own site with the use of our Software, please email for a full illustrative brochure


Across our sites the opportunity exists for small unobtrusive advertising via banners allowing prospective Advertisers to target their specialist sector, industry or geographical area.

Fixed term advertising can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis and our software reports frequently to provide Advertisers with statistics illustrating click through, audience, reach and demographics.

For further information about advertising throughout our Network, please email