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Cathcart Energy

Cathcart Energy was born from a desire to be able to bring our ethos, our skills and our resources built up from over 30 years recruitment experience to bear in the Energy Sector.

Staffed exclusively with senior career recruiters, Cathcart Energy focuses on recruiting specialists into the Energy industry, including Renewable Energy and Oil and Gas.

We operate best when we truly understand what drives your need - not just the basic skills needed for the job, but by really getting to the root of the requirement. This is when we become indispensable to the process.

Knowing our candidates in depth is just as crucial. We consult with you at every stage - what you want from your next job, how your skills will fit into a new organisation and how your career will develop from here.

Using our knowledge of both sides of this equation - we then consult throughout the entire process, ensuring that both parties get what they want.

Please call 0131 510 9100 for more information