My Job Hub


The ability to advertise vacancies within an organisation is now commonplace within many corporate websites. 

Frequently, however, the process for doing this can be less than straightforward and might not always convey the best corporate image. Drawbacks can include the costs related to amending your website and paying to have an advertising system built, the coverage that advertised positions can garner and the overall look and usability of the page within your website that displays vacancies. 

Intergrating with our system allows for a number of options, including having your vacancies appear on and our partner sites simultaneously, as well as having access to all of the back end controls to communicate and manage Applicants and your own users.

White Label

Due to the flexibility of our software and the way in which it is built, we are able to use it to provide a "White Label" product for companies wishing to host their own Job Board, Whether acting as a stand-alone or with ties to our CV Database and back-end system. We can tailor our provision to suit and can license our software inclusive of maintenance and upgrades.

Subscribers are able to design a front page to suit their corporate image or style, simplify or complicate this as much as they require, and still be able to utilise a system that makes our sites robust and dependable.

Continual Updates

Our Software is subject to continual updates in order to ensure that it adapts and responds to the latest technology and platforms used by our users.

As a hosted system, the software is seamlessly updated, often on a daily basis, without impacting the user. It is for this reason and that of the central hub management system behind the sites powered by our software, that no site is left behind in terms of development and improvement.

For further information about utilising our software to power your Platform; click HERE to speak to us today.